Angry Anaconda and Meddling Mouse Combo Pack


This set includes a frighteningly realistic anaconda, a furry mouse and remote controls to help these animals slither and scamper around for the amusement for you and your friends! Watch it go, pause and stop at your command and then when you’re ready, bring both the snake and the mouse out and let them battle it out to see who wins – the stalker or the prey.

They come equipped with a remote control each, which allows you to guide the toys all around – and with a friend!

Meddling Mouse and Angry Anaconda
Cheese Remote and Anaconda Remote
User Manual
3 x LR44 Batteries for Mouse

Model Number ODY-599
Recommended Age 8+
Batteries Moues requires: 3 x LR44 batteries, included. Anaconda requires 7 x AAA batteries, not included.