NightNova is extremely popular with rookie and veteran drone flyers alike. When you take one look at it, it’s pretty easy to see why. This palm-sized drone isn’t too intimidating, nor is it too tiny. With four circular wings containing powerful propellers, this quad drone looks like a toy version of a flying saucer as it speeds through the dark skies at night. The futuristic design allows the plane to be extremely aerodynamic. This means you’ll be able to easily maneuver the toy drone in the sky as it precisely responds to the controls.

  • Indoor OR outdoor flyer
  • Flies up to 30 meter distance
  • LED lights
  • 360° flips
  • Auto Hover
  • 6 different light vibes

Drone Unit
2.4 GHz Remote Control
Spare Blade Pack
Lithium Ion Battery
Charging Cable

Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 1.5 Inches
Item Weight .5 lbs
Flight Time 5-7 Minutes
Model Number ODY-7500
Recommended Age 14+
Charge Time 60 Minutes