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Mobile gaming is a rapidly advancing world, so Odyssey Toys has jumped in the fray. Presenting a variety of gaming triggers that transforms your trusty mobile device into a handheld video game console. This means you'll be enjoy your favorite first-person game wherever you happen to be. The set comes with a sturdy, durable gaming handle that your hands with quickly get used to - whether you're a righty or a lefty, it offers a comfortable experience. Simply slide your mobile device into the center of the handles and you now have a handheld gaming device to enjoy your favorite first-person shooting games.
  • ODY-8000: The Solo Easy Triggers
  • ODY-8002: The 2-in-1 Triggers and Handles Combo
  • ODY-8004: The Ultimate Gamepad
  • ODY-8010: The Joystick

Product Details

  • Model Number ODY-8000-8010
  • Recommended Age 14+

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