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Give the Gift of The Real Pocket Drone with HD Video This Holiday!

Christmas is fast approaching and we all know that we are running out of ideas for people on our lists. My husband is particularly difficult to shop for. How do you shop for someone who has everything they need and/or want? He loves toys and he loves drones, he is always eyeing them at the store. So I decided he is getting The Real Pocket Drone from Odyssey Toys. Continue reading “Give the Gift of The Real Pocket Drone with HD Video This Holiday!”

3 Cool New Tech-Toys That Can Make Your Children Smarter-

Today’s children are digital natives who view drones as normal as their parents did paper airplanes. I have tried out several drones; various offerings seem to have different strengths and weaknesses. One particularly convenient offering is the Pocket Drone from Odyssey Toys – it is small enough to literally fit into a jacket pocket, relatively inexpensive (it sells for a little over $90 on Amazon), and has a built in high-definition camera and advanced controls including auto-hover, so if you are traveling for the holidays or going on a vacation and want to bring a drone for your children (or for you) to use while away, this one seems like a good choice. Continue reading “3 Cool New Tech-Toys That Can Make Your Children Smarter-”


The Pocket Video Drone ($100)
It’s great how this one folds up to be as flat and pocketable as a phone (without worrying that the props will get crushed or fall off). Like the AirSelfie, Odyssey Toys’ indoor/outdoor flyer also takes HD video and can auto hover. But instead of relying on one of just a few phones, its physical controller smartly folds up to the same portable size and flat shape as the drone does. And not for nothing, it’s less expensive.

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Trendy Gift Ideas- NY1

Thanksgiving weekend is the unofficial start to the Holiday Shopping Season. There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday….so many shopping opportunities…how do you narrow it all down?  NY1’s Natalie Duddridge spoke with  lifestyle expert Joey Skladany to help you find that perfect gift for the range of people on your list.

Watch the video here.

Top Holiday Gifts for Boys

I think it’s in every boy’s makeup to love anything with a remote control! Well let me introduce you to the COOLEST new toy: Odyssey Toys Turbo Runner. There really isn’t anything the Turbo Runner can’t do. Not only does the Turbo Runner run up walls, across ceilings, and down stairs, but it also flies through the air! How cool is that? Perfect for boys ages 8 and up, the Turbo Runner is designed to mimic the US Navy’s UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle). Ariel tricks and stunts have never been so fun thanks to Odyssey Toys Turbo Runner!

– A Moms Take

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The 6 Best Toy Drones This Holiday Season

3. Portable Pocket Quadcopter With Camera by Odyssey Toys

On the go? Odyssey’s tiny indoor/outdoor drone has collapsible blades so you can take it with you. Great for novices and pros, it features technology to help keep things stable. It also has lights so you can fly it at night. Record your adventures in video and photos, stored on the 4GB Micro-SD card. (Ignore the temptation to spy on your neighbors!) Odyssey’s pocket drone is available for $130 on Brookstone’s website.

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